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The Changing moon caste is an amalgam of all three lost castes. The charm trees are essentially unchanged. I say ‘essentially’, because obviously there will have been some evolution. It strikes me, also, that it seems likely a charm to replicate the anima effects of the lost castes is present, as well.

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Oct 26, 2004 · It’s exceedingly unlikely that luna has the power to fix them, as the shards were made by a primordial and luna isn’t even a celestine. That’s debatable, and may be an artifact left over from earlier in the design cycle (like yellow Jade, Lunars being master illusionists, and permanent caste …

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Exalted . Castes. Solar Exalted. Lunar Exalted. Sidereal Exalted. Terrestrial Exalted. Abyssal Exalted. Thaumaturges. God-Blooded. Dragon-Kings. Fair Folk. Mountain Folk

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Exalted Lunar Castes

Lunars Preview [Exalted] Exalted. Ian A. A. Watson – July 31st, 2018, 10:00 am. Hey y’all, it’s Eric and Vance here. This time, we’re previewing Lunars: Fangs at the Gate with a selection of Lunar Charms. This selection is aimed at showing off their shapeshifting, their core concept as divine apex predators, and the warrior-trickster-witch themes of Lunar Castes.

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May 18, 2010 · We’ll get to that tomorrow) Caste of the Lunar Exalted are the No Moons, the intellectuals of the Lunars. As you may be able to figure (if you’re particularly good at pattern recognition), the Favored Attributes of the No Moons are Perception, Intelligence, and Wits.

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Oct 26, 2004 · I mean, the Lunar book sez right there that Luna shows up personally for each and every Lunar Exaltation. The book mentions the fact that the No Moons had to "recreate" the castes after the Usurpation, and just couldn’t definitively recreate the Waxing, Waning, and Half Moon Castes.